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Crafted with experience and passion.

Crafted with experience and passion.

Timber Flooring / Engineered / EST 1996 / Quality / Function

Timber Flooring | Engineered

China’s premium engineered timber flooring manufacturer.

China’s most trusted flooring brand proudly making luxurious engineered timber flooring with refined craftsmanship. We manufacture engineered hardwood flooring for residential and commercial projects.

All our floorboards top layer hardwood species are from Europe, Russia, North America, Burma and Indonesia, then manufactured in China. We are the ideal flooring solution for luxurious living, environmental protection, classic and traditional sophistication, and modern sensibility that speaks to the beauty, and art of timber flooring – all at a great price.

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Construction | Engineered

Our cross laminating floorboard.

  • 1. Protective finish: 7/11 layers of uv hardened lacquer or 3 layers of uv hardened oil.

  • 2. Top layer 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm hardwood veneer.

  • 3. Support core: 7-11 layers (11-15mm) eucalyptus or birch plywood.

  • 4. Underfloor heating: cross cutting from the bottom for plywood backing.

Real Wood But Stronger

Perfect materials for residential and commercial applications.

100% Real timber

100% Real timber – every plank, chevron and herringbone are designed by nature.

Residential sector

Residential: Limited Lifetime.

Commercial sector

Commercial: 10 Year Light Commercial

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