Kiln dry facility

To dry the veneer or timber.

The kiln facility helps control the moisture in the boards as they are drying and is also a much faster process than letting the lumber dry out in the open air.


Gluing machine

Glue the veneer on the plywood base board.

Our factory uses FRANKLIN glue which is friendly environmentally. And our flooring meets the E1 standard.

Below is the glue report.

glue report

Cold press

To glue and press the oak veneer and the plywood base.

The top layer of manufacturing applies the veneer top which gives the floor, it’s distinguished looks to the engineered core that provides its stability.


Sanding machine

Sand the surface to make each board even thickness.

A sanding machine helps make sure the boards in a batch of engineered wood flooring are the same thickness.


T&G notching

To make Tongue and Groove and Micro-bevel.

A Homag machine helps make sure the boards can install easily and tongue & groove matched tightly.


Coating line

Make the flooring different colors and protect flooring surface.

The lacquer coating top layer(s) represent the first line of defense to protect the wood and other coating processes set up a barrier for the wood itself.