Engineered flooring

  • Multi-ply Engineered
  • 7-11 layers Eucalyptus plywood
  • Micro-bevel, Square Edge (no bevel)
  • Not available for Click system
  • 5.5 mm back groove is available for heating system
bevel technical sheet

Flooring surface

  • Treffert lacquered coating for more than 100 colors
  • LOBA, RUBIO MONOCOAT, OSMO, WOCA Oiled are available
  • Free of formaldehyde, natural, elegant
treffert quality standard

Chemical surface

  • Smoked/Fumed
  • Carbonized
  • Chemical reaction

Fumed, or smoked oak is oak wood flooring which has been treated to change its colour. The change in colour comes about from the wood’s reaction to the presence of ammonia in the atmosphere. Effectively what happens is that the ammonia causes the tannins in the wood to be brought to the surface.

Carbonizing is about color, not hardness.

Chemical Reaction flooring are made by the certain special formula with using the reaction of some Acidi/Alkaline reagent and tannic Acid in Oak

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Physical floor

Physical treatment styles :

  • Brushed
  • Distressed
  • Hand Craft
  • Collapse Repair
  • Saw Mark

Below is the video of the flooring being brushed.

Except brush made by machine, other physical treatments are made by hands. So the price is higher which depends on the crafts.