Versatility Without
Compromising On Quality

ECO Beauty Woven is an exclusive, inviting and unique woven vinyl product. The feeling of the textile is unmistakable, practically organic but the flooring, nevertheless, has all the advantages of vinyl: wear-resistant, easy to handle compared to textile floorings and simple to install.

Woven combines the craftsmanship and creativity of the past with the possibilities offered by modern technology. A collection with a completely new inspiration, a strong textile feeling, high resistance and a unique look. The elasticity and acoustic insulation of its structure give this product great qualities of underfoot comfort.

Play Your Flooring Puzzle

Company that allows you to play with various shapes to create inspiring floors in woven vinyl. The woven high-quality material guarantees not only a long service life but also a vibrant surface which takes the comfort of the space to the next level.









Area of Application

1. PUBLIC SPACES   2. WORKSPACE.  3. SHOWROOM & EXHIBITION.   4. RETAIL.   5. HOSPITALITY.  6. HEALTHCARE.    7. Reception & Waiting Areas

Totally Unique Properties

  • Comfortable and quiet: soft underfoot and noise absorbing, our flooring increases comfort and reduces slip and drag.
  • Appearance retention: unlike carpets or hardwood, our flooring retains its appearance and doesn’t flatten.
  • Easy to clean: majority of the cleaning can be accomplished with a sweep, mop or vacuum.
  • More hygienic: The antibacterial properties of the yarn do not allow microorganisms to live on it making it odour free.
  • Water and stain resistant: The impervious backing prevents liquid penetrating through the floor covering. It resists stains by not absoring liquids and thus making spills easy to clean.
  • Allergy friendly: The flooring repels dirt, dust mites and other allergens.
  • Easy to install: like any other flexible flooring, installation is done by gluing the product directly to any kind of flat, dry and stiff surface.

We Are Happy To Help Find A Suitable Solution

We have learned over the years that the floor plays an important role in creating the functionality and atmosphere of a space.
If you have any questions or you would like additional information on our products or activities, please do
not hesitate to contact us. Let us find together the best solution for your individual needs.