Comparing American Walnut Vs. Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

When deciding on engineered wood flooring, the choice for many homeowners comes down to Walnut vs. Oak and comparing these two very different flooring choices can be difficult. Floors made with Oak planks are among [...]

14 Steps of Manufacturing Scattered Parquet

Scattered Parquet is a very beautiful product, but need accurate calculation and planning before manufacturing. Before we start manufacturing, we’ll arrange a serious meeting with our production manager and product designers to discuss the details [...]

Why Wood Is Used For Flooring?

In doing some research about the benefits of using hardwood flooring in a home, one answer that’s always provided is "durability". Granted, wood is one of the strongest materials available, durable enough to build the [...]

5 Reasons Why Engineered Wood Flooring Bows

One of the biggest allures of engineered wood flooring is its resistance to damage from water and moisture, which would absolutely destroys the lifespan of solid hardwood floor. Engineered wood flooring can be installed in [...]